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The name given to a girl with a *large* amount of love for Fisico who's name just happens to be Jo. Also known as Joei, Joanna (although not often), fisisis...

OMG How out of date is this. To be honest not sure I can manage the whole speaking about myself in she terms right now... Where were we?

So, fissijo in a nutshell. Or not a nutshell, it would be kinda cramped even though I am a tiny person.

RANDOMNESS. It's what I am and what I do. No really. Sometimes the stuff that comes out of my mouth (or my fingers... eh, you get what I mean) scares ME!

SO, in the last version of this motorsports was my life. Nothing wrong with that, just not sure how true it is any more. Still watch more race series than "normal people" could name, but not with the passion of previous years. I blame F1 for not having the one thing that I need to be a TOTAL fangirl (yeah, that's Fisichella if you didn't get that memo). Though saying that, all holiday planned this year so far is to race tracks!

WHAT'S TAKEN OVER FROM IT? I hear you ask. Assuming anyone has managed to read down this far of course. As of right this second GLEE has eaten my life. Or more to the point KLAINE. Rampant shipper right now and my journal probably reflects that a lot of the time.

Also there's been a reignition of an age old love of theatre. TOTAL Wicked fangirl right now, it's almost shameful, or would be if I could care enough to worry!

I hope this has painted a picture of my, well me, and the contents of this journal. :D


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